Customer behavior survey 2020:The impact of integrated marketing communications(IMC)on customer behavior in the event industry regarding event buyers

Dear respondent,

You have been invited to participate in a survey in order to help collect data on the impact of integrated marketing communications on customer behavior in the event industry. Your response will remain confidential and will be in use by presenting general results in International Business final thesis that will be defended at SMK University of Applied Social Sciences in Vilnius, Lithuania.

By participating in this exercise you will be contributing regarding this research.
Thanks in advance for the answers!

1.How often do you (personally or on behalf of your company) order event organizing services?
2. What type of event organizing services have you ordered during the past year?
3. Evaluate, where usually do you get information about events and events organizing companies from(10 - usually; 1 - never)?
4. Based on what factors do you rate the value for the event?
5. What is the specific information are you looking for in a process of selection of events organizing company?
6. Evaluate, what integrated marketing communication channels and tools do you find trustworthy (10-very trustworthy; 1- do not trust) while considering the particular events organizing company?
7. Evaluate, what marketing communication channels and tools make you take a final decision regarding ordering services from a particular events organizing company (10 - very impactful; 1 - no impact) ?
8. Evaluate, on what stages of yours as customers journey in case of events organizing industry, you pay attention on integrated marketing communication channels and tools (10 - pay most attention; 1 - no attention)?
9. Evaluate following communication channels are you using (10 - very impactful, 1 - no impact) in increasing your loyalty and support your willingness to repurchase events organizing services?
10. What type of post purchase benefits from events organizing company have you ever got?
11.Based on which aspects would you recommend an event organizing company that you got benefited to a friend or colleagues?
12. How the corona virus pandemic has changed your attitude regarding ordering events organizing services in the future?

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