determinants of


4.Marital Status
5.Educational qualification
7.Family Income
10.Your primary purpose of visit
11.What types of illness were you sufferings from?
12.How long have you suffered?
13.did you seek any treatment for the illness you were suffering from?
13.A.If no,Why not receive treatment
13.B.If yes have you benefited from the treatment?
14.Do you think medical facilities are sufficient in Bangladesh?
15.types of medical service you are seeking for this medical trip?
16.which country do you prefer for medical tourism the most
17.Besides your preferred country have you considered other countries for this medical tretment? long did it take for you to make the final decision for this medical trip?
19.have you visited any country for medical treatment purpose before?
19.A.if yes how many times visited
19.B.If no,how do you come to know about the available medical aids of a particular country? did you arrange for this medical treatment? companion many people including you,are in your group on this trip?
23.Besides the medical treatment,do you plant to do any type of traveling?
24.what kind of medical help do you seek whilst traveling to a medical tourism destination?
25.period of stay
26.mode of transport used
27.Reason for choosing medical treatment in abroad
28.what are all the sources consulted by you for selecting particular country for medical treatment
29.have you evaluated the information collected about the hospitals
30.what are the sources consulted for evaluating the hospital
31.what are the criteria used by you in evaluating the hospitals? you take decisions for selecting hospital individually
34.A.if no,what are the influences (personnel influences)
35.B.if no,what are the influences (institutional influences)
35.C.if no,what are the influences (media influences)

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