I am a Marketing  Management student from IBA Kolding. As a party of my curriculum, I am required writing the main thesis.  I choose to write about DORSAMOSA  The survey is for Academic purpose and at the successful of it  will lead to start of new business. 

DORSAMOSA Would like to launch a different variety of samosas, such as organic meat samosas, vegetable samosas, chicken samosas and Halal samosas in Denmark.  I would like to hear your opinion about samosas. 

 Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time. 

Do you know samosas? If no please refer to the last part.
If No, would you like to taste it ?
If Yes, Did you like the taste? If no please go to the last part.
If Yes, what type of samosa would you possibly be willing to purchase?
How would you prefer to buy your samosas ?
How often would you purchase samosas ?
where would you likely want to purchase samosa ?
If DORSAMOSA were available today, how likely would you be to purchase the samosa ?

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