Euthanasia, thoughts and opinions


Thank you for your interest in my research!

I'm Anna and I'm a student at the Kaunas University of Technology; my research is going to be focused on Euthanasia and what people think about this topic.

The questions will be submitted through a questionnaire and will include not only the respondent's thoughts about euthanasia, but also information about their gender, their age and the personal background of their lives. 

The questionnaire is specifically addressed to people from 18 to 60 years old and it will include mostly closed-ended question where to choose just one answer, the one closer to the respondent's opinion. There will also be spaces where to share and explain personal opinions.

This questionnaire is totally anonymous and the respondents are free to answer to whatever they prefer.

The respondents will be given a 10 euros gift card to use in every lithuanian supermarket. 

My e-mail is: [email protected], please don't hesitate to contact me in case of questions, problems or curiosity of every kind.

Thank you for participate!

Anna Sala

Who do you think should decide if ending a life or not (doctors, parents, politicians...)?
A person himself or if he’s in coma, etc, his closest family. Not doctors or politicians in any way!
the patient itself or his entrusted people.
Patient himself, if he is not capable, family should be the one to decide.
Patient in primis, with necessary support of doctor, parents or special group such as for example onlus or these specific association that study and research this pain, these specific disease and the various Issues associated with it
The person himself if he’s able to decide or parents on a advice of doctors
no one
Me and my family
the victim himself or he has to choose the person who choses
Family after the doctor has explained them the options. In extreme cases doctors and the law when the family is not considered capable of deciding what’s best for their relative’s life.
Close household members, the patient, doctors.
L'interessato con il sostegno/aiuto di uno specialista che lo aiuti a comprendere la situazione medica e psicologica
The person by themselves
I think, only the manager of the universe
Person himself/herself
Patients or relatives supported by psychologists
Doctors. Absolutely not politicians. It's all about health and no one knows it better than doctors.
Doctors, but after an open dialogue with the family of the patient
Parents and relatives
The patients or the family according to the patient’s will
The Person who is suffering. Otherwise there should be made a table of criterias. But it's fucking dangerous to be abused by politicians to get rid of opponents and so on. So basically, the person itself. Maybe relatives. Everybody could choose 1 or 2 people, who decide for him, if he/she isn't able to do so anymore.
parents or the person itself
Close people
The person
Family and doctors together
Doctors or legal responsable of the patient
The family
Doctors and patients
The patient himself if he's capable of it, or family members.