What is your gender ?
What is your age ?
what is your marital status ?
How would you describe your race or ethnicity ?
What is your highest level of education
How would you describe your current employment status ?
What do you expect your combined family income to be, this year ?
In which of the following areas do you live ?
What type of internet connection do you have ?
How comfortable are you using a computer ?
How long have you been using computer ?
How often do you use the internet ?
Have you personally purchased anything from an internet site in the last 6 months ?
What type of items do you purchase on the internet ?
Select an appropriate amount you would spend on a single online purchase
How often do you cook at home ?
Do you consider yourself a gourmet cook ?
Have you ever purchased cooking appliances from an internet site ?
How often do you order merchandise through an online site for delivery at your home ?
How often have you purchased cooking appliances and other kitchen accessories on the internet ?

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