Factors Influencing Customers’ Choice of a Bank

Dear Respondents,

We are Alina Usialite, Senem Zarali, Yeshareg Berhanu Mojo, and Tarana Tasnim, undergraduate students of Business Management (BSc) at Klaipeda University. Currently, we are undertaking a research entitled Factors Influencing Customers’ Choice of a Bank. This is purely an opinion survey and used for academic purposes maintaining the confidentiality of respondents.  The survey takes only 10 minutes.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your time and participation in the survey!

General Instructions

The questionnaire is designed based on a 5 points Likert scale. Please respond to the questions based on your level of agreement.

1. Price Related Factors
2. Availability of Services/Resources
3. Service Quality
4. Accessibility
5. E-banking
6. Staff and Management
7. Reputation and confidence
8. Promotional Factors
9. Your gender
10. Which country are you from?
11. Your age
12. What type of business are you engaged in?
13. Education level
14. Income level (Please consider converting from in your currency)

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