Fast fashion impact on our planet

Hello I'm Karolina,a second year student in Kaunas University of Technology.

Fast fashion is geting more and more popular these years. Shopers buy cheap clothes and wear them a few times before throwing it away.Frequently purchasing new clothes can leave a carbon footprint on the planet, due in part to the quantity of clothes which are sent to the landfill and the carbon emissions produced when items of clothing are transported across the world. What is your opinion about fast fashion?

What is your gender?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
How often do you purchase a new item of clothing?
Have you ever bought an item of clothing and never worn it?
Are you interested in environmental impacts of clothing production to our planet?
Before throwing your clothe away, would you consider doing the following:
Do you view fast fashion as a positive or negative trait of the industry?
Do you think the rate at which fast fashion brands produce new clothing will ever slow down?
Are you aware of the environmental impacts of fast fashion?