Female Travelling

I'm collecting data for a current project I'm working on, to identify the main reasons and concerns that females don't travel and what would make them feel safter in doing so. 

Are there any reasons in particular that have stopped you from travelling prior to now? And if so, what? (e.g health issues, money, concerns)
Finding the inspiration and courage to go alone
Lack of funds is the main reason.
Money concerns and travelling alone because of safety reasons as a female
Being kidnapped or attacked
No money and I dont feel safe traveling alone.
Money and getting time off work. Also the pandemic.
Saving up enough money and having to plan
Money, covid, leaving my current workplace
Covid restrictions
Money, living out of a suitcase, being lonely, getting lost, feeling ill
Working / education
Money Safety Time off work
Work, money
money, safety
Job commitments
I wouldn’t particularly want to travel on my own because I’d like the safety of being with someone I know. Money has stopped me before as it’s such a commitment to saving all your money for a few months travelling and then you have to think you need some money for when you back. I have been travelling before with a friend and definitely think it’s worth it though!
Covid-19 Safety concerns of being alone, would prefer to go with a group of friends
As a recent graduate, the issue is mainly money. There are so many places I’d like to visit, but my studies have always been my financial priority.
Money/ work commitments
Money and time.
Covid 19
Maybe the issue of getting a long period off work.
Jobs, money, COVID!!
Money and coronavirus
Wanted to get uni done & start a career.
Too expensive/not sure where to get the best deals, no one to go with/wouldn’t want to go alone, not confident with travelling due to lack of experience
Money issues
I think responsibilities (dog, mortgage) and then there’s the massive thing of being a female and travelling by yourself - I don’t think I’d feel comfortable.
Hasn’t been the right time: been at uni, now got my dream job. Also money is an issue-I want to travel South America and would want enough money to be comfortable there; I feel like it isn’t the place to travel on a budget.
Lack of money Personal safety
Expensive, career
Work related - how to get enough time off of work to be able to travel for a sufficient amount of time, would I need to quit my job to travel? Money while you’re out there - should u save before you go or try and get a job while you’re there maybe - wouldn’t be sure how to do that. Safety is also a worry! Going to a new place and meeting new people etc is daunting.
Safety, would not like to go alone.
Work commitments
Money, travelling in uncertain territory as a woman- this can be scary especially when you hear some stories. The right time to do it as well- comes down to money as well and working.
Personal safety & covid
money and covid
Money, personal safety concerns
money and safety
Money, would get home sick, wouldn’t feel comfortable going alone
Work holidays
Money, illness
Had travels booked but then the pandemic stopped that from happening! I think it can also be daunting for women to go traveling on their own due to safety concerns