Final Major Project

What do you know about thriller genre and what details do you expect to see in it?

  1. Action
  2. I adore Japanese psychological thrillers, and thrillers such as "The lighthouse". I expect to see an aesthetic choice that evokes a consistent terror throughout, and well planned dialogue and scene shifts.
  3. looking for uniqueness
  4. I expect lots of action, suspense, and to be on the edge of my seat, something is always about to happen.
  5. I expect suspens, jump scares, and stress.
  6. At the time there was a film "Psycho" that served as foundation of the thriller genre. This types of films retains the attention of the spectators by scenes of brutality or extreme realism. I think that a good thriller retains the attention not with the brutality but with the rapidity of the action. The plot is very important too.
  7. Thriller genre is typically unpredictable, with the main focus on mood and atmosphere to get reaction from the audience e.g excitment, anticipation etc.
  8. Unexpected. Suspenseful. An ending that doesn’t quite make sense but makes you think.
  9. Thriller is something which gives you lots of suspense. The details which I'm expecting is the colours & the cinematography in it . I believe it plays a major parts thriller movies.
  10. Tension, Story line, hopefully a good ending, makes you think about some Things like love, jellousy, anger. Someone who has an interesting personality
  11. Twist of events, psychological thriller - trying to work out the plot
  12. I don't know
  13. Suspense, shock, mystery, plot twists