Final Major Project

Do you know anything about PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER? If so, what? You can even give an example

  1. No
  2. I know a little. The lighthouse is a fantastic example that I love to think about. The way they used the actors features to add to the creepy undertone, coupled with the black and white aesthetic choice that I feel kept you focused. As it was black and white I felt more creeped out at having to intentionally make out what was going on on the screen. It also makes the scenes feel more detached and "trip like".
  3. not really
  4. I know that they mess with your head. I think Get Out might be one.
  5. I believe it's the same as a thriller movie but the characters are inherently scary most of the time because of the way they think or treat others. I think psychological thrillers are often more scary because they show how twisted people can be and the plot is more realistic which makes it scarier. Example of a movie: seven
  6. The film "Psycho". Ut uses scenes of brutality in order to influence one's perception of the film.
  7. N/A
  8. I think of Split or Us
  9. Psychological thrillers are dealing with minds & mentality. Joker (2019) film Parasite The Girl on the train ( this is obviously a thriller, but according to my assumptions I think we could consider this film as a psychological thriller)
  10. Panic room, side effects, prisoners, not sure..
  11. Trying to work out the story line and what is the person’s perspective versus reality of what is actually happening
  12. Alfred Hitchcock
  13. Not particularly, I’ve watched beautiful mind I think that is one!