Food delivery service

It's an anonymous questionnaire about food ordering habits and delivery service for the VIKO university of applied sciences

The poll results are private
Which age group describes you?
What is your gender?
What is your marital status?
Which of these statements describe you?
Which of these represents your income every month?
In which city do you currently live?
When I'm hungry I'm more likely to
AlwaysMost of the timeSometimesAlmost neverNever
Make myself meal at home
Ordering food delivery
Cook some frozen food from supermarket
How often do you use food delivery service?
How much do you usually spend on restaurants food?
Which platforms do you use when it comes to ordering food delivery
Have you ever experienced this with food delivery service
AlwaysMost of the timeSometimesAlmost neverNever
Long delivery time
Lost order
Unpleasant delivery guy communication
Cooled down food
Damaged packaging or poor quality food
Delivery guy struggles finding the right address
Short working hours
When are you more likely to order food?
If there would be opportunity to choose which one you prefer more?
How often do you want to order food after 11pm