Forensic Science: Bridging the Gap between Science and Law

I'm a second year biology and genetics student doing a survey for a presentation.

In this poll there are certain questions about forensic science to assess the knowledge of people of all ages. These answers are going to be used as statistical data in a presentation. Thank you for your participation.

What is your age?
How familiar are you with the field of Forensic Science?
Do you believe forensic science plays a crucial role in the justice system?
Are you aware of any recent advancements in forensic science that have influenced legal cases?
In your opinion, how effectively does the legal system utilize forensic evidence?
Have you ever watched or read about a high-profile criminal case where forensic evidence played a significant role?
How would you rate the public's understanding of forensic science and its role in the legal system?
Do you think there is a need for better communication and education about forensic science for the general public?
In your opinion, what is the most critical challenge in ensuring the reliability of forensic evidence in legal cases?
Are you aware of any cases where forensic evidence was mishandled or led to wrongful convictions?
How confident are you in the accuracy of forensic techniques such as DNA analysis and fingerprint matching?
Do you believe there should be more oversight and regulation of forensic laboratories to prevent potential biases and errors?
What role do you think emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, will play in the future of forensic science?