Freelancing in game development

The goal of this survey is to examine the positive and negative aspects of being a freelance professional working in game development.
It does not matter whether you explicitly specialize in freelance work or have done only a few contracts, all responses from all sorts of people will be valuable.

We are collecting these answers for educational purposes only and assure your full confidentiality. The only personal data being collected is the country you submit your responses from, because that is automatically logged by the survey website.

The poll results are private
What field do you specialize in?
Which of the following do you find to be the most frustrating aspect of freelance work?
Please explain why do you find this particular aspect to be the most frustrating.
Have you ever been in a situation where the client did not pay you?
Do you prefer working as a freelancer or full-time work?
How do you cope with distractions while working?
Did a client ever try to bend the rules of a work contract?
Which sources help you to acquire the most clients?
How do you manage your finances?
Have you ever agreed to work for equity, reputation, charity, valuable contacts or to help out family/friends and not receive monetary rewards?