Gaming and piracy

The aim of this poll is to determinate if there is any correlation between amount of time people spend gaming and chances that they pirate their games.

Gaming and piracy
The poll results are public

Do you play video games? ✪

How many hours per week do you spend playing video games?

Rate these aspects of video games according to their importance to you.

Very important
Somewhat important
Mostly unimportant
Totally unimportant
Plot and characters
Music and audio environment
Multiplayer component

What other aspects (if any) are important to you?

What helps you to choose a video game?

Do you take price into consideretation when buying a game?

How many video games have you bought last year?

Last year, have you pirated a game you wanted?

Would you have bought the game if the price was lower?

What is the reason behind you not playing video games?

Answer this only if you selected "No" in the first question.