Help girlfriend with punishment

Hello! I'm in need of a severe punishment. The reason for this is my faling graders in my university studies, having become lazy in regardes to exercise, missmanaged my economy used foul language and an excesive amount of lying (to parents about graders etc.). My girlfriend brought this up and we decided on three independent punishments. These are spanking, mouthsoaping, and enema. Therefore there'll be one part for each of these as well as a fourth part in which you can add anything else from simpel modifications to completely new things. So you know I live on my own but my gf will oversee/administer the punishment.

The poll results are private
Is spanking a good choice of punishment?
When spanked how many swats should be given?
Which implement should be used?
Anything else in regards to spanking?
Next up is the mouthsoaping. Is it a Good punishment for the lying and foul language?
Should bar or liquid soap be used, both should be safe for this?
How should my mouth be washed out?
How long should I have my mouth washed with soap?
How long before rinsing?
Anything else in regande to the mouthsoaping?
Last for the enema, is it a good punishment?
How large should the enema be?
How warm should the water be?
Any addatives?
How long should the enema be held for?
If I can't manage to hold the enema what should happen?
Anything else in regards to the enema?
At last anything I should change or add? Or maybe you have other ideas? Now is the time to be as creative as you want for my punishment.