Holiday Questionnaire

Hello, I have to create a questionnaire for my studie Hotel and Tourism management. Please spend 5 minutes of your time to fill it in for me. :)

Thanks :)

How did you get information about your last holiday destination? (Please choose 3 the most commonly used sources)?
What are the main reasons why you are deciding to go abroad? Select by importance (Rate from 1 to 5, when 5 means the most important):
What are the most challenging problems that you face when are you traveling? (Rate by the importance):
How important are these following things for you during your trip? (rate importance from 1-5):
Did your expenses were as you planned?
Who was joining you on your visit to your last tourist destination
How long before the flight leaves do you usually book tickets and/or hotel?
How often do you go on holidays lassting at least 5 days?
How long do you usually stay in a foreign country?
Where are you staying when you are going abroad?
Do you book a place where to stay before arrival or after arrival?
To what continent do you like to go mostly? (multiple answers possible)
Do you like to take an excursion to get to know more about the place you're about to stay?
From what continent are you from?
What is your sex
What is your level of education?
What are you?

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