How differently are male and female participants evaluated in Eurovision Song Contest?


My name is Austėja Piliutytė, a second-year New Media Language student in Kaunas Technology university.

I am conducting a survey to find out how differently male and female contestants are evaluated in the Eurovision Song Contest to determine whether the sex of the person has the impact of different evaluation after winning on social media. In the further stages of research, I will analyze the Youtube comments under two Eurovision winners videos (male and female ones) to compare how differently they are evaluated in the comment section.

I kindly invite you to participate in this survey. All the answers are anonymous and will be used for research purposes only. The participation is voluntary, therefore, you can withdraw from it at any time.

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Thank you for your time!

The poll results are public

Which continent are you from?

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How old are you?

Which social media platforms do you use the most?

How often do you watch Eurovision Song Contest?

If your country participates in Eurovision, which gender do you prefer to represent your country?

Does the gender of the participant impact your votes in Eurovision voting?

Can you please indicate a time when you or people in your circle have based their votes on the gender of the participant?

How much do you pay attention to these criteria while watching Eurovision?

If your country participates in Eurovision, who do you prefer to represent it?

I would choose this
I do not have a specific preference
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Mixed gender (bands)

Which gender from your country has been more positively evaluated in Eurovision?

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