How good are Lithuanian hotels? According to Foreigners and lithuanians from foreign countries.

The title says it all. This is a project for university so you would be doing me a big favor if you completed it. Thank you.

What is your sex?

In what age group are you?

Where are you from?


    How often do you travel?

    On average how much money do you devote to travel during a year?

    Have you ever been a guest in a lithuanian hotel?

    If you can, please write the name of the hotel you were staying in.


      How many stars did the hotel you visited have?

      What type of hotel were you staying in?

      How long did you stay in your hotel?

      How much did the hotel ask for /night?

      Considering the hotels rating and price were you satisfied with your stay at the hotel?

      Please rate the services listed below

      Did the hotel you were staying in have any entertainment facilities/equipment?

      If you used any entertainment facility were you satisfied with it?

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