How much time do you spend on Instagram and how does it affect your mood

I am a Bachelor student in Kaunas University of Technology and my main goal is to analyse the amount of time spent on Instagram and how does it affect the mood. I would kindly invite you to take a part of this research.The participation of yours would contribute to the further investigation on social media's influence. Your identity is completely anonymous. For more information you can contact me via email [email protected] Thank you.

Your feedback is welcome.
The cover letter is vinformative and contains the most important parts of a cover letter. However, if you conduct a real survey, please include your name and last name too. You are missing a couple of questions. There should be some filter question for respondents who do not use Insta. Answer options on "Please answer the given questions. After spending some time on Instagram you tend to feel more" should also have e.g. "not applicable". Other than that, this was a good attempt to create an Internet survey!
Weird one, but I don't know if the last time when I did your survey it was counted in so I did it again. :D I liked the letter to the reader, the whole information is provided very clearly. The only thing I noticed is the lack of questions.
Good survey
I think Instagram is a very powerful platform and everyone should learn how to use it and what for. We need to give Instagram the real wheight and understand that it doesn't reflect the reality of the life of his users. However, I liked this survey because there are personal questions asked in a direct way, that doesn't violate the intimacy or the privacy. I think the respondant will feel free to answer honestly.
I believe that people tend to compare their lives to the lives of the people they follow on social media and i think that the people they follow are not as '' fun '' as they tend to seem.