How relevant is the TV show Euphoria in Lithuania?

I'm a second-year Bachelor's student at KTU conducting research about communication online. I'd like to invite anyone to take part in my research project about a popular American TV show Euphoria by filling out this survey, especially those who are familiar with this show. As this tv show has gained a lot of popularity in English-speaking countries, particularly in the US, it has also spread internationally. With this research, I'm trying to analyze how relevant and popular this show is and what influence it may have had on online communication. 

The survey results will be anonymous, so confidentiality is ensured. Thanks in advance to everyone who decides to take part! 

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What is your gender?
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Have you watched the tv show Euphoria?
How many episodes have you watched?
How would you rate the show (if you've watched it)?
Have people in your close circle also watched the show or were familiar with it?

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