Impact of motivating employees in creating organizational loyalty (private sector )

This survey is done for an exploratory study to figure out (the impact of motivating at work in creating loyalty and to determine what most motivates employees at work).
his study should take around 10 minutes to finish. You should be no less than 18 years of age to take this study. 

The choice to partake in this examination venture is voluntary. You don't need to partake and you can decline to answer any inquiry. 

Your part in this examination is anonymous to the researcher(s). Neither the specialist nor anybody required with this review will catch your own information. Any reports or distributions in light of this examination will utilize just gathering information and won't recognize you or any person as being associated with this undertaking.

The poll results are private
1. your gender
2. Which age group do you belong to ?.
3. educational level
4. the industry you work in
5. your current work experience level
6. your satisfaction about work Headway chances accessible to you.
7. do you think that its important for organization to provide motivation programs
8. do you think that providing motivation programs for employees can lead to loyalty at work ?
9. if your answer was yes , why?
10. your ability to Participate and making decision in company strategies/specific projects
11. ability to express/share your ideas
12. you have high authority in your position
13. your provides with assortment of assignments to perform
14. your have the capacity to express your opinion
16. you have right to change your own work schedule (flexibility)
17. Possibility on get promotion
18. your organization provide monthly reward .
19. your organization provide paid insurance like : health insurance
20. your organization provide (accredited certificate/ Qualification improvement/ training workshop )
21. you have good working relationship with employees and your manger
22. Kindly rank the below variables arranged by which of these motivations most importance to be exist (with 1 = v.good,2=good , 3=moderate , 4 = bad, v.bad=5):
Benefits/Bonus Package.
Management appreciation
opportunities for promotion
Challenging job
Job Security
Participation in making decision
work independently
compensation leave
good relationship with manger and employees