Influence of online adult fiction book reviews to the book sales and popularity

I am Kristina Grybaitė, a New Media Language second-year student at the Kaunas University of Technology. The data conducted from this survey will be used researching the influence of online adult fiction book reviews to the book sales and popularity. The research is aimed to analyze the reviews published on news media channels online, such as BBC and Publishers Weekly.
Participation is voluntary and anonymous, answers are private. Participants can withdraw themselves from the research at any time without a valid reason. 
For contacting me via email: [email protected]
Thank you for your participation!

Your sex?
Your age?
Do you read online book reviews?
How often do you read online book reviews?
What news media channels do you use to read online book reviews?
Does the online book reviews encourage you to read more?
Which reviews you read more frequently?
Do you buy the book mentioned after reading positive review?
Do you reconsider buying the book mentioned in the negative review?

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