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Dear colleague,

Commercial aviation is exceptional professional activity in which there always was demand for high-level professionals. However, in the current changed circumstances and facing crisis in commercial aviation, there is a need to re-estimate this area employee – professionals’ career resilience. The aim of this study is to assess flight crew and cabin crew  personality factors, career attitudes relationships with career resilience in the context of crisis in commercial aviation. The study aims to deal emerging problem in commercial aviation sector by developing guidelines for aircraft pilots and crew members’ career resilience management based on personality factors and career attitudes.

The survey is anonymous, researcher guarantees confidentiality of all study participants. Results collected during research are processed and used only summarized in academic activity to provide practical recommendations to human resource management department of research organization.

Questionnaire is based on a globally used methodology. Questionnaire does not contain either correct or incorrect answers, but only participants' provisions towards career attitudes and personality traits assessment. Therefore it is very important that You would answer as it really is, what kind of personality You are and what are Your attitudes to Your career.

If You`re interested in any questions, You can contact researcher Mindaugas Kazakevičius, Master of Management at ISM University of Management and Economics, by email: [email protected]

Answering questions, mark options that suit you best choosing: in demographic questions - one option, in question tables with statements - one answer option in each line.

It may take up to 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Your opinion is very important!

1. Your gender
2. Your age
3. Work position
4. Your career stage
5. Your career history
6. Work experience in commercial aviation
7. Reveal Your career attitude
8. Reveal Your attitude to protean career. Protean career is a career in which person is guided by their values and uses them as unit of measure for the success of their career measurement. It is an independent career management that enables person to adapt to the performed activities. It is an individual approach to a career that is based on personal choice and the pursuit of self - fulfilment. It is a career that involves broader degree of personal self-determination.
9. Reveal Your attitude to boundaryless career. Boundaryess career is career in which employee can overstep boundaries formed by the organization and develop his or her career through unorganized networks, rejecting information about career opportunities for work-related or non-work-related reasons. It is a career that is not determined by the career system formed by one organization. Boundaryless careers involves movement across physical boundaries of individual employers. Boundaryless career is forming when employees are forced or voluntarily decide to retire, terminating their careers in a particular organization. Boundaryless career involve subjective construction of human career situations, with or without structural constraints. It’s a career that embraces mobility and boundaryless thinking.
10. How Accurately Can You Describe Yourself? Describe yourself as you generally are now, not as you wish to be in the future. Describe yourself as you honestly see yourself, in relation to other people you know of the same sex as you are, and roughly your same age. Indicate for each statement whether it is 1. Very Inaccurate, 2. Moderately Inaccurate, 3. Neither Accurate Nor Inaccurate, 4. Moderately Accurate, or 5. Very Accurate as a description of you

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