Innovation in food tourism and organizational innovation at Cox Bazaar


Cox Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world and it is unnoticeably an important destination of the Bangladesh where the interests of the government, DMOs and the potential tourists rest. This place is of international uniqueness in the sense that it is the longest beach of the world with over 150 km coast. This place is potentially exploitable for the tourism purpose and the government and other stakeholders are actively seeking to make this place developed in the context of tourism. The governmental policies and planning are in place and the government is recognizing the increasing importance of this place. This place therefore has a very strong potential for the research as an emerging destination in the tourism studies. I am therefore using the Cox Bazaar as a case study in my research project and I will analyze the innovation’s aspects in this project.

Problem Formulation

Cox Bazaar is unnoticeably potentially exploitable tourism destination with respect to natural resources and its uniqueness. However the full potential of tourism has not been reached and this is due to lack of attractiveness of the tourists for the destination, lack of innovative hospitality industry and lack of development in innovative food tourism. These are the potential areas, which, if resolved, can make the Cox Bazaar a complete destination for tourism for the tourists all around the world competing with the international beach destinations.

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