Innovation in UAB "MANTINGA"

My name is Rugile and Im the last year student in Vilnius University of Applied science. My study program called creativity and business innovation. At the moment Im writing my final thesis and doing a research about UAB "MANTINGA"
I would be more than happy if you will fill up this short survey :)

Is it worth to invest in innovation? Please, expalin your answer. (Why yes, or why no)
yes since it is known forit
NO. because small customer
Yes it is worth to invest as more new products, more will be the customers who have different taste.
Yes.Because it can bring benefit to the investor also.
Might be create revolution
Yes, innovation is important since It's a driving factor behind new technology wich in turn can improve the quality of life for everyone.
hey hey hey
Taip, nes jos būtinos siekiant tobulėjimo
visa laika apsimoka investuoti i naujoves, nes naujoves yra musu ateitis p.s. as tave myliu Rugile
I dont know
I don t know.
I do not know
Yes, because you might be more successful in business when your product is better than products from other companies and innovations give you opportunity to be better.
Yes. As I already mentioned, the quality is very important: it comes with new technologies. And it attracts customers.
Taip, nes visiem reikia kazko naujo
Yes. always need to improve.
Taip, kadangi žmonės vis ieško naujovių.
Actually, nowadays everyone is trying to be innovative, but it doesn't mean that innovation brings good quality. Sometimes it is better to stay original and try to improve the main quality
Yes , it's a way to attract customers , I think.
Of course as investing means making something better - customers happier and bigger income for the company
No, because innovation is future
First, all the tests should be run to gind out wheather is worth or not to start investing in that.
why yes
Depends on the objectives you want to reach, the scale of your business; the investment you have (yes+no)
Tikrai verta. Inovacijos turi buti ne tik nauju produktu kurime, bet ir paciame gamybos procese, galbut labiau galvoti kaip supaprastinti, pagreitinti gamybos procesa bei uztikrinti gera kokybe
Investing in innovation is also granted as good. Because consumers want to see what market could give what is new and consumer friendly.
Taip. Naujovės daro produktus tobulesnius. Labiau traukia akį, bet pagal viską-brangiau
No it's not worth, because how to create products without innovation. You need them
It is worth, but in good idea, otherwise, it is money waisting
Verta. Atnaujinti ar nauji produktai, naujos idejos traukia aki
Yes, because innovations are important part for any kind of business, it cannot just stay still and do nothing for changes, this kind of company is doomed to failure. Innovations, even the small ones is very important that company could adapt easier to the changing world and cutomers.
No. It's not.
Taip. Pritraukia daugiau pirkeju