Internet advertisment

Hi, I am student of fourth course. I would like to know your opinion about online advertising. Thanks for answers. If you have some questions my e-mail:

Your hometown (country and city)
Your hobby
Favorite music genre
Favorite movie or movies genre
Do you belong to informal group (like punks, skaters, anime fans and etc.) ?
Are you interested in animation ?
What kind of advertising you usually notice ?
Your favorite color ?
Your favorite brand ?
What 3 brands are the most popular (by your opinion) ?
How often you use internet ?
Do you notice online advertising ?
Please rate where you most often notice online advertising
In social media
In "Youtube" chanel
Internet search engine
In e-mail
In mobile applications
What is the most interesting form of internet advertising for you ?
Site or ad serving on the first Google pages
Pop-up Ad (Popup in New Window, Hide Information Readed by Web Page Visitor)
Banners (Video, audio, and animation ads appearing on the site)
Image Ad ("Visual Message" on Youtube Channel)
News ads on social networks (Ads advertising a product, program, business, or personal account)
Email Advertising (Advertise as Email)
Mobile Ads (Ads Applied to Gadgets or Games)
How often the content of online advertising is relevant to you ?
Are you playing games for mobile phone ?
Rate how often you buy new mobile applications in App Store, Google Play, Windows phone store, BlackBerry world platforms
Other applications
Does the price affect the choice of mobile application (there may be a game) ?
What the biggest price you have paid for a mobile application (there may be a game) ?