Internet pages and the most important features of them.

We will investigate about what students are looking for in the internet pages. What features of internet page are most important for them? Even how long they are using the internet and how much time a day they spend on it. We will try to find out the most popular internet pages, features of them and what makes them so popular among the respondents.
You are:
Your age is:
Your occupation is:
How long have you been using the internet?
What internet browser do You use?
Why do You use this browser?
What search engine do you use separately?
What kind of information do You looke mostly?
If you choose else, enter here.
Where do you read news mostly:
Why do You choose this page?
Do you read news by using RSS (Really Simple Sindycation)?
how many pages do you subscribe news?
When You are reading news what are you interested in:
Do You have an e-mail account?
Where (in what internet page) do You have an e-mail account?
Are You happy with Your e-mail system?
Do You use the source of carrier in ( of KTU student asociation?
Have You found any suggestion of carrier from companies?
What pages of leisure do You use separately?
If you choose else, enter here:
Do You use the internet account of Your mobile phone operator?
Do You reading books on the internet?
What kind of books do you read?
Do You attend to tell Your point of view in internet forums and public opinion polls?
Are You shopping on the internet?
What kind of things do You usually buy?
What do you prefer to pay bills by sms message or bank commission?
How much time do You spend on the internet per day?
What is the most important thing [-s] on the internet page to You?
Ka manote apie anketa?