Investing Into Cryptocurrencies

You are being invited to take part in a research study about cryptocurrencies. This study is being conducted by Agne Jurkute from Birmingham City University as a part of the Finance and Investment course final year dissertation. This research is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Navjot Sandhu. If you consent to take part, you will be asked 20 short questions about the awareness of investment into cryptocurrencies and regulation of them. This questionnaire will take approximately five minutes and it is entirely voluntary. By taking part in this survey you give consent for information provided by you to be used in academic research.

The aim of this study is to examine cryptocurrencies’ possibilities of joining the formal asset class. Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency used to make online transactions. Currently there is a lot of discussion about regulating cryptocurrencies. My research aim to investigate the public opinion on investing in it.

Your data will be analysed by me and shared with my supervisor, Dr. Navjot Sandhu. No identifiable personal data will be published. For the duration of the study your data will be confidentially stored in a password protected folder which only myself and my supervisor will have access to. 

13. If you answered “No” to the Question 12, please specify why (select all that apply):
Cryptocurrency is based on decentralized system
The application of securities laws to cryptocurrency markets would harm their growth.
Cryptocurrency has no clear underlying which has impact on its value and price
It will stop being decentrallized.
Main point of the bitcoin that it is decentralized peer to peer payment network, cutting out the middlemen.
It beats the purpose of crypto currency a bit then?
Better to invest to real fiat in this case. I imagine if it is regulated, fluctations would be corrected / influenced as well. So the main purpose of investing into that - to gain high profits would disapear.
I don’t trust the government