Jacksepticeye's impact on his followers mental health

Hello! I am a second-year student at Kaunas University of Technology and I'm conducting a research about the impact Jackseptieye has on his followers mental health through the communication on Twitter. I would be really thankful if you could answer these question and help me!

This survey is anonymous and the answers will be used only for research purposes 

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Have you heard of JacksepticeyeRequired to answer
What social media platforms do you use often?Required to answer
Do you follow Jacksepticeye on Twitter?Required to answer
What is your opinion about youtubers talking about mental health on Twitter?
Do you deal with mental health issues?Required to answer
What is your opinion about this tweet?Required to answer
Do you believe Jacksepticeye creates a safer environment to talk about mental health? Yes? No? Why do you think so?Required to answer
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