Japanese people adaptation in Lithuania

Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) 4th year student Monika Lisauskaitė ir writing a bachelor's thesis about The way people from Japan adapts in Lithuania and its culture. The main goal of this research is to reveal the ways japanese people adapt to different culture that Lithuania has to offer and to find the most popular and successfull ways of adaptation in this country. The data obtained will be statistically used and  summarized in the bachlero's thesis work. 

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Japanese people adaptation in Lithuania
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How long have you stayed/lived in Lithuania ?

What made you come to Lithuania ? If you are a student here - why did you choose to study in this country ?

Did you know something about Lithuania before coming here ?

Were you familiar with the local culture of Lithuania before coming here ?

What were your expectations before coming to Lithuania ?

Have your expectations been fulfilled ?

In which language do you communicate with Lithuanians ?

Do you speak Lithuanian ?

How often do you communicate with the locals ?

Do you have many friends or close people that are Lithuanian ?

Do you communicate with other people from Japan that are now staying in Lithuania ?

How often do you communicate with Japanese people that are staying in Lithuania ? Do you spend time with them ? If yes, then how ?

Remember the first time you came to Lithuania. What was new here ? What was different and unusual comparing to your home country ?

What difficulties have you encountered the first time you visited Lithuania ?

How did Lithuanians took you ? Have you felt like they were being nice and friendly to you or vice versa ?

Was it hard to organize your daily life in Lithuania ? Did you experienced difficulties while visiting certain institutions ?

What in Lithuania did you like? What did you not like ? What have left the biggest impression to you ?

When in Lithuania - did you celebrate traditional Lithuanian festivities ?

When in Lithuania - did you celebrate traditional Japanese festivities ?

What helped you to adapt in Lithuania ?

Did you felt responsible for the success of your adaptation in Lithuania or did you wait for someones help ?

Did you felt involved in social and culture life in Lithuania ?

How different is Lithuania from Japan ?

If you are working in Lithuania - how fast did you managed to find a workplace here ? Was it hard to find it ?

Was it hard to find a place to live in Lithuania ? How was did you find it ?

What do you think, why would people from your country choose to live in Lithuania ? What might be the main internal / external factors for this kind of decision ?