Killzone 3 Multiplayer Poll

A poll to find out which options Killzone 2 players would like to see in Killzone 3.
Should there be a Lan/ Party system?
Option to Block secondary ability? (No turret/air/c4/boost)
Option to choose how many of each class available per team? (EXAMPLE: 4v4 (1 Tact, 1 Medic, 1 Engineer, 1 Sab)
Cod style weapons upgrades?
Cod style killstreak bonuses?
Assault class?
Turrets/Air support to be able to headshot?
More 4v4 size maps? (Tharsis size)
More 32 player Phyrus size maps?
Disguised sab should be undetectable by enemy bots/c4?
Better vote kick system?
Player ping/lag indicator in lobby?
Monitor top 50 players/clans for boosting?
1 - 2 week gap between changing clans/creating new clans?
Lose V for not turning up to CM/Tourney?
Maximum Players per team?
Tourneys only (no CM's)
Region only option? Where eu only = eu only.

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