Language use in Eurovision Song Contest

Do you think that more Eurovision songs should be in native languages? Please specify why

  1. No suggestions
  2. Yes i like other languages and it represent the culture better
  3. that would be interesting, because it represents the sound of native language. but in other opinion, it would not be fair, because some languages sound not that nice.
  4. I am not interested rsted in euro vision
  5. No, I wouldn’t understand it
  6. No preference
  7. Yes, because it promotes diversity and individuality
  8. Maybe not because I think that event is international
  9. Yes
  10. I support that because that’s what Eurovision is about to me - celebrating different cultures and languages in Europe
  11. Yes, because language is a big part of a country’s culture and it shows its uniqueness
  12. No
  13. Yes, because they represent a country much better
  14. I don’t think it’s necessary but it does sound nice
  15. Yes. That makes the show more interesting.
  16. No, it just depends on the song, for example, some songs may sound better in time language, while others in english
  17. No, I do not think so
  18. Idk I don’t really watch that show
  19. Yes Native Languages would make Eurovision interesting
  20. I don’t watch it
  21. Yes, cuz as it mentioned Eurovision, it must specified their own country element in the music.
  22. Yes because is nice;)
  23. No, becouse it is an artist choise how he wants to spread his songs message
  24. Sometimes song is better while in native language, yet, I don't think it's always like that. The artists and countries should always have a choice to choose what they want
  25. Yes, because language represents countrie's identity and showcases its authenticity
  26. Yes, because music is music and it will be beautiful as in english and more unique in native language.