Llamas' Valley reader's survey

We’d like to get to know our readers better, so we have decided to conduct our first reader’s survey. We’d appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes out of your day to fill out this short survey for us. This is also your chance to tell us what you like and what you’d like to see more of in the magazine.


As thanks for completing the survey, 3 readers (selected at random) will receive 3 amazing gifts. Fabulous prizes include: a Fume Quarts Gemstone Necklace by "BlueBirdLab", a decorative linen pillow by "Artwork Milena", and a cozy summer dress by "Happeak". We will choose 3 lucky winners at the end of the survey period. To enter the draw, please leave your name and email when completing the survey. 


Our survey will be online for 30 days. We encourage you to distribute it to your social media contacts. Don’t worry, your answers and information will not be shared with any other group and will be considered confidential!


If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


Thanks for sharing you opinions with us! 


The poll results are private
Do you read Llamas’ Valley magazine?Required to answer
Do you read Llamas' Valley on:
If you read Llamas' Valley on iPad, do you prefer...
Do you enjoy the interactivity of the iPad edition?
How frequently do you read Llamas' Valley magazine?
Where did you first discover Llamas' Valley?
On average, how long do you spend reading an issue of Llamas' Valley?
What do you think is a reasonable prize to pay for a copy of Llamas' Valley?
What do you think is a reasonable prize to pay for a one-year subscription to Llamas' Valley magazine?
Typically, how many people read your copy of Llamas' Valley besides you?
Are you a subscriber to Llamas' Valley newsletter?
These are the sections that appear regularly in Llamas' Valley magazine. Please indicate how often you read of look at them.
Every issueMost issuesSome issuesNever
Editor's letter
Interviews with creatives
Home stories
Design unplugged (design and art news)
Food stories and recipes
Blog-talk (interview with a blogger)
In an instant (covering favorite instagramers)
Do you think the articles in the magazine are too long / too short?
How effective are the photos in the magazine?
Are there any issues, topics, or themes thay you’d like to see in the upcoming issues of Llamas’ Valley?
What do you think of Llamas’ Valley magazine’s design?
In terms of the design, what stands out most and / or what could use some work?
What do you think of Llamas’ Valley magazine’s cover design?
In terms of the cover, what stands out most and / or what could use some work?
What would you like to see on the cover of the next issue of Llamas’ Valley?
In your opinion, what is the uniqueness of Llamas’ Valley magazine?
Do you visit the Llamas’ Valley website (
If yes, how often do you visit the website?
Do you access the Llamas’ Valley website through a mobile device?
What kind of content would you like to see added to the Llamas’ Valley website?
If you are a current subscriber to Llamas’ Valley magazine, how likely are you to renew your subscription when it comes due?
If you are a former subscriber to Llamas’ Valley magazine, why did you not renew?
Which country are you from?
How old are you?
Are you Female or Male?
What is your education?
What is you annual household income?
What are your fields of interest?
What other print and online magazines do you read?
Do you have any comments or suggestions for the editor?
Would you like to enter our 3 lucky winners draw and win some amazing designer prizes? If so, please enter your name and email below.