Luxury Online

Why do you buy luxury products? What is your motivation to spend loads of money in order to shop for luxury products?
quality and price satisfaction
I usually dont buy luxury goods. Because I dont prefer spending too much beyond my need.
It gives me pleasant feeling and I am convinced about safety of product
Luxury products are safe to use .I mean the quality is very high and the status of me will be high
To make myself feel good and comfort. I would love to spend money to be comfort and looking fashionable.
I buy luxury products rarely only when I like something.
high quality
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Quality comfort reliability status
for quality and a statement of status.
Perku, nes megstu kokibyskus daiktus, manau kad bent jau tokie daiktai kaip laikrodis, rankine ar batai turi buti brangus ir stilingi.
I do not buy any luxury products, but if i did i would buy them because of a better quality compared to average/low brand products.
I dont buy any luxury products on purpose, if i do, its only because i am caught in a moment.
quality, luxurious materiaux