managing a successful business project

a business project for small organization 

Q1: Small Business organization is suitable for adopting the digital technologies to achieve organizational goals and objectives
Q2: Digital technologies changed the approach to do business which should be captured by Small business organization
Q3: Digital technologies are greatly associated with the organizational growth and innovation in this competitive marketplace
Q4: within comprehensive and meaningful use of digital technologies, small organization can compete with the large organization
Q5: digital technologies enhance the organizational compatibility in the long run through improving product and service quality
Q6: digital technologies not only bring opportunity but also threat or challenges for small organization
Q7: the challenges and critical situation brought by digital technologies can be managed by small organization
Q8: among the various digital technologies the organizational networking system intranet, video conferencing technology, use of internet, organizational website, workforce site, electronic database and online community etc are suitable for small organization
Q9: the bargaining power of the customer has been increased through the technological advancement and availability of information regarding competitive offer made by rival firms
Q10: finally to remain loyal to customer and maintain organizational growth and innovativeness in product and service quality; adoption of digital technology is must for small organization

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