Most to Least to: Become Rich
Most to Least Likely to: Be Poor
Most to Least Likely to: Become a Drug Addict
Most to Least Likely To: Have a lot of children
Most to Least Likely to: Donate all their money to charity
Most to Least Likely to: Get Married First
Nai do nai-malko: Zlopameten
Nai do nai-malko: Zabaven
Nai do nai-malko: Zul i Losh
Nai do nai-malko: Chuvstvitelen
Nai do nai-malko: Perverzen
Nai do nai-malko: Rabotliv/ambiciozen
Nai do nai-malko: Umen
Nai do nai-malko: Lujliv
Most to Least likely to: Become a Pornstar
Best to Worst: Zodii (v the dark side)

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