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US Odin Team,

Yesterday we received access to Ingram’s Benefit Enrollment System. For the first time, we were able to calculate our actual out of pocket health insurance costs, and compare them with the premiums we paid at Odin. The results are shocking. People who paid about $4,500 a year to insure the whole family will now often be paying upwards of $17,000 to maintain comparable, or even worse, health coverage. Taking into account Ingram’s so-called compensation, a small adjustment to our base salary that was handed out to us during the acquisition, most of us are still facing an increase of many thousands of dollars in health insurance premiums. In order to make this affordable, Ingram suggests reducing coverage and points to cheaper plans. Many of us can not afford reducing our coverage because of the specific services or medications that only the Gold or Platinum Ingram plans cover.

During acquisition Ingram was vague about upcoming health care coverage and did not share with us our projected health care cost increase, nor did they disclose to us how they calculated the base “compensation increase”. It is clear now that we are going to have to pay thousands of dollars more in health insurance premiums, which amounts to a factual pay cut across the board for all Odin US employees. Ingram claims to pride themselves on being a company that is guided by the values of being fair and honest in every decision they make. Unfortunately, we have to disagree. The way they handled our health insurance coverage was neither equitable nor fair.

In order to get our discontent heard by Ingram management, we are asking you to vote in this poll. This poll is anonymous and it is open to all Odin US employees affected by this decision. The progress bar below will tally the results of your votes:

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During the onboarding process Ingram was not transparent with Odin employees about the magnitude of the upcoming health care cost increase. They calculated the benefits compensation arbitrarily and in an unfair way. Ingram needs to review the compensation based on the actual health care cost that we will bear going forward.

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