OPMG 301- SP2020 - Operations Management for Business

Dear Student

Thank you for sharing this journey . Hope you enjoyed it.

I appreciate your feedback, no one is good enough till they learn more. 

This is a quick poll to improve my teaching.

It wont take 10 min.


Ayman M Ismail

The poll results are private
Please evaluate the following
I think the lectures were great
I think the classes were interactive
I like the class activities
I like the Happy Face Idea
I found the lectures boring
I enjoyed mostly every single lecture
I felt ignored during the lectures
I attended more than 80% lectures
I enjoyed the Dr style of teaching
I learnt more from the class activities that the actual lectures
I think the assignments were a lot
I attended most lectures
I think the doctor tried hard to make us understand something different
I think the contents of the course were clear
Some topics made me do more research because I was curious
I want to take another class with this Dr
Going Online had no impact on my understanding
Going Online had a negative impact on my understanding
The Dr tried and succeeded in making the online experience more enjoyable
I depended on understanding from the Tutorials
I depended on understanding mainly from my friends
The TA was very helpful
The TA was hard to reach
One activity/assignment you will never forget?
One lecture you will never forget?
This is the part I enjoy reading. Tell me something you wanted to say but had no chance - I wont know your name :-)Required to answer
Tell the TA somethingRequired to answer
Make a suggestion/ or something funny that happened in the course/ or comment on what you learnt from the course project.