Ozone layer recovery portrayal on mainstream American media

Hi there! I am Goda Aukštikalnytė, a second year New Media Language student of Kaunas University of Technology. I am conducting a research on how ozone layer recovery is being portrayed on mainstream American media (CNN, BBC America, etc.). The advancing of technology provides more and more information about the ozone layer recovery. While it is stated that the recovering ozone layer has a positive effect on the environment, the reduced effects on human health still remain unknown, and yet it is little known how ozone recovery is being discussed on mainstream American media. My aim is to understand how the media is shaping our attitude towards ozone layer recovery.

The survey is anonymous, and if you are interested in the results, feel free to contact me via email: [email protected]

Thank you for your participacion.

Do you have any insights you would like to share regarding my research topic or this questionnaire?
The cover letter is informative and contains the most important parts of a cover letter. You used different types of questions and provided universal answer options. This attempt to create a survey was really sucessful!
It's ok, but some questions are difficult to answer when you are not american
Great questions regarding the topic, very on point!