Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) Beneficiaries' Satisfaction Survey

The poll results are private
In which aspect do you use the cash grants from the 4Ps?
Does your child/children attend school?
Does your family eat 3 meals a day?
Do you bring your child/children to the hospital, center or clinic for a check up?
How much money do you spend for gambling, alcohol and/or cigarettes in a month?
Does the money you receive from the 4Ps is enough to lessen your family's financial problem?
Do you wish that this program will continue for a longer time?
Do you think that the government should increase the amount of money/cash assistance they are giving to the 4Ps beneficiaries?
Do you think that the 4Ps is really a helpful program?
Are you satisfied with the amount of money that you are recieving from the 4Ps?
Aside from the cash grants you are receiving from the 4ps, do you have any source of income?
What kind of occupation do you have?
Rate the quality & importance of the program (1 is the lowest; 5 is the highest)