Perceptions on Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan ahead of the 2023 election

What are the biggest criticisms of Erdogan's leadership, and how has he responded to them?

  1. One of the key criticisms of Erdogan's leadership is his increasing authoritarian tendencies. Critics argue that he has consolidated power, curbed media freedom, suppressed dissent, and undermined democratic institutions. Erdogan has often dismissed these allegations, asserting that his actions are necessary for maintaining stability, protecting national security, and combating terrorism. He has argued that his government is committed to democracy and has defended his actions as legitimate responses to threats.
  2. He made Türkiye bad in every aspect. He is using religion to gain sympathy, his foreign policies are terrible but he doesn’t take any responsibility and never accept it. If u ask him everything is great :))
  3. He ignores every critisim
  4. Under Erdogan's leadership, Turkey has experienced impressive economic growth, with the country's GDP more than doubling since he first took office in 2003. This growth has been driven in part by the government's emphasis on infrastructure development, which has helped to create jobs and stimulate economic activity.
  5. There are many criticisms of Erdogan's leadership, both domestically and internationally. Some of the biggest criticisms include his erosion of democracy and human rights in Turkey, his authoritarian leadership style, his crackdown on dissent, and his handling of the economy. He has defended his record on democracy and human rights, arguing that he is committed to upholding Turkey's democratic values. He has also accused his opponents of being part of a larger conspiracy to undermine Turkey's stability and security.
  6. Erdogan is accused of consolidating power, undermining democratic institutions, and stifling alternative voices. His administration has jailed and imprisoned journalists, professors, and political opponents, and he has taken moves to limit press freedom and weaken judicial independence. Erdogan has justified his policies as vital to preserve peace and battle terrorism in response to these allegations. He has also accused his opponents of plotting to destabilize his administration, portraying himself as a defender of Turkish sovereignty and national security.
  7. I cannot say ******** There is no question added for me to give you feedback on your questionnaire and you did not submit the responses on Moodle! In term sof the questionnaire, there are some issues. Firstly, the age range has overlapping values. If a person is 22, should they choose 18-22 or 22-25? It looks like you copied my example from the board of what not to do... :) Later, in the question about gender, you have some grammar issues (e.g. a person cannot be plural 'women', a singular 'woman' should be used instead). Other questions are based on trusting that the person actually knows about the recent political events and situations in Turkey.
  8. I don’t know
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  10. Definitely, freedom. He thinks that Turkey is free country but People not thinking same. When you sharing something about against to Erdogan, police comes your home immediately. If you don’t like Erdogan, he thinks that you are terrorist. He is trying to make Turkish people enemy to each other.