Perceptions on Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan ahead of the 2023 election

My name is Karolina. I am a second-year New Media Language student at the Kaunas University of Technology.

I am conducting a research study about the Perceptions of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before the upcoming  2023 election. This survey aims to find out the current opinions about the president and his political actions.

Every response in this survey is recorded anonymously and does not collect any personal information.

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How has Erdogan's leadership style impacted Turkey's domestic and foreign policies?
Erdogan's leadership style has faced criticism regarding the state of democracy and human rights in Turkey. Critics argue that Erdogan's government has curtailed media freedom, suppressed dissent, and undermined democratic institutions. There have been concerns raised about the erosion of the rule of law and judicial independence. These policies have drawn international criticism and affected Turkey's reputation in terms of human rights and democratic governance.
His leadership affected bad in every aspect. Education, social life, tourism, healthcare, unemployment increased and literally fcked everything
Erdogan's leadership style has had a significant impact on both Turkey's domestic and foreign policies. Domestically, Erdogan's style is characterized by a mix of authoritarianism, populism, and Islamic conservatism. He has been accused of cracking down on political opposition and suppressing freedom of speech, particularly in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in 2016. Erdogan has also promoted a more Islamic identity for Turkey and has sought to increase the role of religion in public life.
Centralization of power: Erdogan has taken steps to centralize power in Turkey, consolidating control over key institutions such as the judiciary and the media. This has led to concerns about the erosion of democratic values and civil liberties in the country. Economic policies: Erdogan has pursued a number of economic policies aimed at promoting growth and modernization, including large-scale infrastructure projects and an emphasis on exports. However, some critics have argued that these policies have also contributed to a widening wealth gap and increased inequality in the country.
Domestically, Erdogan's leadership style has been characterized by a strong centralization of power. He has consolidated power in the presidency, increasing its authority over the executive branch and the judiciary.
Domestically, Erdogan's leadership style has led to a more centralized and authoritarian governing structure. He has taken attempts to undermine democratic institutions like as the judiciary, the media, and civil society groups, while also consolidating authority in the president. This has raised worries in Turkey about the deterioration of democratic principles and the rule of law.
Probably either made it better or worse? ******** There is no question added for me to give you feedback on your questionnaire and you did not submit the responses on Moodle! In term sof the questionnaire, there are some issues. Firstly, the age range has overlapping values. If a person is 22, should they choose 18-22 or 22-25? It looks like you copied my example from the board of what not to do... :) Later, in the question about gender, you have some grammar issues (e.g. a person cannot be plural 'women', a singular 'woman' should be used instead). Other questions are based on trusting that the person actually knows about the recent political events and situations in Turkey.
No idea
Sometimes he is aggressive i guess
Till 2012, Turkey had friendly impression to EU and US. However, after that Erdogan started to thinking that European government leaders are trying to politicise against to Erdogan and he also thought that European leaders are supporting terrorism. Erdogan’s popularity increased in Turkey because opposition of Turkey is terrible. Citizens of Turkish people understood that There is no one better than Erdogan for Turkey. For me I dont like Erdogan but I don’t think opponent of Erdogan will win election.
Lack of international trait, lira fell again, political extrimism rised
I have answered this in previous question as well.
Domestically, Erdogan has been known for his authoritarian leadership style, which has led to the erosion of democratic institutions and the suppression of political opposition. Erdogan's government has been accused of restricting press freedom, undermining the independence of the judiciary, and persecuting dissenters. This has created a polarized political climate in Turkey, with many Turks feeling that their rights and freedoms are under threat.
His supporters are mostly religious people which is the reason of that he wants to tend to have a distance with Europe.
It messes everything up. Erdogan's approach to leadership has also had an influence on Turkey's foreign policy. Erdogan has adopted a more forceful foreign policy, emphasizing Turkish nationalism and an aggressive attitude to global dealings. As a result, Turkey's traditional associates in Europe and the United States, as well as other nations in the area such as Syna and Iran, have expressed concerns
I don't know
Erdogan's leadership style has greatly influenced Turkey's internal and foreign policy. His leadership style is frequently marked by boldness, populism, and a willingness to question established conventions and institutions. Domestically, Erdogan's leadership style has led to Turkey's secular, Kemalist traditions giving way to a more conservative, Islamist identity. In public, he has highlighted the significance of traditional family values and Islamic principles, and he has taken a firm stance against dissent and criticism. This has resulted in a crackdown on the media and civil society groups, as well as a deterioration of Turkey's democratic institutions.