Popularity rate of using environment-friendly tableware(環保餐具使用普及率)

According to protect environmental---reducing carbon emissions, everyone in our country should start from themselves by using their own eating utensils. Research reports show that even in the depths of more than 6,000 meters of ocean, plastics are everywhere. The rubbish found in the probes includes metal, rubber, glass, fishing gear and other human-made items. More than one-third of the debris is micro-plastic. Nearly 89% come from disposable products. I want to do some survey to know the popularity rate of using environment-friendly tableware 


what's your gender? (請問您的性別)
How old are you?(請問您幾歲)
Do you have environmentally friendly tableware?(有沒有環保餐具)
If your answer is yes, how often you used it?(如果有,使用的頻率為何)
What is your environmentally friendly tableware made of?(您得環保餐具材質為何)
If your answer is no, why?(如果沒有,原因為何)
Whether the school has stipulated that the student should bring their ?(在學期間學校是否曾規定要自備餐具)
Where did you buy your environmentally friendly tableware?(在哪些地方取得環保餐具)
What is the critical factor in considering use ecologically friendly tableware 使用環保餐具的考量
What is your point of view about using environmentally friendly tableware? (對於使用環保餐具的看法)