Procurement in higher education institutions


We are conducting research in the framework of COST ACTION 18236 "Multi Disciplinary Innovation for Social Change" about public procurement processes and specifically  buying social in  Higher education institutions (hereafter- HEIs). The aim is to reveal if or how the social procurement plays a role in generating positive societal impact.


We would like kindly ask you to answer this online survey. Thank you for your time and cooperation!


Kind regards,

David Parks

CEO of Social Enterprise Skill Mill and

Associate Professor Katri Liis Lepik
Tallinn University

1. Where is your HEI located?
2. How many students do you have at your HEI?
3. My HEI is
4. Do you have a social procurement policy in your HEI? If Yes, please explain why. If not, please explain why not.
5. Do you know what percentage of your total procurement is social?
6. How highly does the university place social procurement on a scale of 10 (1-the lowest, 10-the highest)?
7. Who has triggered the social procurement policy?
8. Are there any barriers to buying social?
9. Have you had any bad experiences with social procurement?
10. Are there any special challenges regarding social procurement?
11. Is the innovation resulting from social procurement measured in any way in your institution?
12. How is social procurement measured in your institution? Please explain