Dear friends, I, Ivanova Alexandra, would like to conduct a survey for my research. The purpose of the study: to study and analyze how different age groups of people spend their free time. I would be very grateful if you answer all the questions of the questionnaire.

Do you have any free time?
Do you have any Hobbies? What?
How much free time do you have per day?
How do you think you spend your time with benefit?
What do you like to do in your free time?
If you have a free day, what will you do?
What do you think is more interesting to do in your free time?
communicate with friends, with family
household chores
Do you like when you have a lot of free time?
really like
do not like
In your Sunday friends invited you to relax in nature in a big company, will you agree?
Do you like to travel in your free time?
your gender
your age
Your family status
Your social status
In what field of activity do you study or work?