Questions about travelling

Tell things You love the most about Your favorite country.

  1. I dont have a favorite country.
  2. Climate
  3. no
  4. Churches
  5. Most favourite country for me is France. I love the fashion over there and the weather. And of course french chicks.
  6. movies and Food
  7. I like nature, Forrest, birdhouse
  8. mouvies
  9. mouvi
  10. beaches,good restaurants,cultural events,beer parlors etc
  11. the culture and tradition
  13. The nature and sight seeing in Switzerland
  15. Culture, Night life, clubbing and bars, Nature and landscapes
  17. plane
  18. Culture and traditions
  19. food
  20. Pilgrimages, Hill stations,forests,waterfalls
  21. People, native language & culture, beautiful parks / scenery / beaches, fun new experiences
  22. museums
  23. free wi-fi zones
  25. bars
  26. insane events
  27. modern buildings
  28. a huge variety of activities
  29. cheap prices
  30. My favourite coutry is China. I think that chinese people have very delicious food, they have very interesting culture and history.
  31. I do not have favourite country but I would love to travel to Brazil, because I would like to get better aquainted with their culture
  32. amazing nature beauty
  33. clubs
  34. summer festivals
  35. Lithuanije basketbal
  36. Food, traveling destination, folks, life stayle , ganja , culture .
  37. a variety of clothes shops
  38. interesting traditions
  39. it's capital - Paris
  40. My favourite country is Spain. I like the weather and love paella- traditional spanish meal
  41. Ru hard baas
  42. beer
  43. Bridz
  44. tasty food
  45. friendly people
  46. weather conditions
  47. weather
  48. Beer
  49. famous buildings
  50. culture
  51. A car reicing
  52. Puub
  53. beautiful beaches
  54. Food,pepols
  55. food
  56. beautiful places
  57. people
  58. beautiful countryside
  59. weather
  60. climate, warm people, nature.
  61. Pizza
  62. famous places
  63. weather and food
  64. I love Italy's cuisine, culture, people, weather and amazing beaches.
  65. Food, culture, weather and nice people
  66. I love Italy. I love a lot of things about this county, for example, food, people, weather.
  67. I love Italy. I love a lot of things about this county, for example, food, people, weather.
  68. beautifull nature and landscape.