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Project “Villages on Move Baltic” (VOM BALTIC) 1.1.2016-31.12.2017 (Nr. 2016-3715/001-001)


Dear participants,

We are interested in people's motivating methods for physical activities in different social and age groups. This is a part of a wide study being conducted in many countries around the Baltic states. Your answers will help us to understand how active you are in comparison with people in other countries. Research will be carried in 5 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Findland.

Research is anonymous. Thank you for participating!

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Contact person: Dr. Viktorija Piscalkiene. Kauno kolegija/Kaunas UAS Faculty of Medicine

You are?
In what area do you live?
What kind of work you do?
TYPES OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: What types of physical activity do you use (for last 6 month)? You can mark several options.

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