Reduction of pollution

Hello, I am a student of Vilnius College, I am studying at the Faculty of Economics and I do research about pollution to find out what people think about it and whether they are trying to reduce it. I will be very grateful if you do not spare a couple of minutes and answer!

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Whether you are interested in global pollution and how to reduce it?Required to answer
Do you think the public has been provided with enough information on how to properly sort garbage and why it is useful?Required to answer
How many types of containers for sorted garbage are there in Lithuania?Required to answer
How often you use vending machines that collect bottles and return the deposit?Required to answer
Do you sometimes try to use public transport, bicycles or scooters to reduce air pollution?Required to answer
Do you use reusable cups, bags?Required to answer
Do you sort the garbage?Required to answer
How important do you think is sorting garbage?Required to answer
What are you doing to reduce pollution? (if you do)