Representation of Russia in news portals.

Hello, my name is Rugile. I'm a student in KTU( Kaunas University of Technology). I'm inviting you to take part in my surrvey, about representation of Russia in news portals. At the moment with a flows of mass information it is important to undarstad what is true and what is not. I'm making this survey to understand, how news media portals shape our beliefs and perception about different countries , in particular Russia. This survey is anonymous. If you are interested in research results, please conntact me via email:

Thank you for your participation! :)

1. What is your gender?
2. How old are you?
3. What is your nationality?
4. Do you read news portals?
5. What news portals do you read?
6. Do you think news articles shape your beliefs?
7. Do you trust news media portals?
8. How news media portals are representing Russia? (In your opinion.)
9. What is your opinion about Russia?
10. Do you think Russia could be considered as threat to your country?
11. Thank you, for your answers. I would like to hear more about your insights and suggestions. :)