Safety Meeting - Agenda Topics

Please drag bar for each agenda topic to show how important it is to you that we discuss at our face to face meeting. 

What agenda topics are most important to you?
Not importantReally important
Project site visits - we will do 1 day minimum, but if this is a higher priority for most we can do 1.5-2 days.
Guardrail Training from Resource Center - We can provide questions/scenarios for which they would prepare and present on.
Creating a list for guardrail scenarios that we want feedback on - this would be just brainstorming and creating a list for TTI
Planning/Creating the next Work plan
Work on current Work plan Tasks
Dealing with Challenges - each person or team can present a challenge that they're dealing with for discussion and feedback.
Team Building activity like an Escape Room or Axe throwing or board games or Karaoke, etc.
Other? Please email me your topic ideas